About Us

Our Vision - No-one will die or suffer health consequences through lack of awareness of the dangers of the misleading term 'legal highs'

Since being established in 1989 Solve It has refined and expanded our knowledge and skill base in relation to Solvent Abuse, renamed in more recent years to Volatile Substance (VSA), the original 'legal high'.

For more than 28 years we have provided a specialist service dedicated to increasing awareness of Solvent Abuse, providing support to those directly affected and their families.

With a committed team of staff, trustees and volunteers Solve It has helped in reducing the level of Solvent Abuse within all sections of society, including related illness and death, social exclusion, truancy, anti-social behaviour and crime.

The key elements of Solve It's service provision have and will continue to be:

  • Preventative Education
  • Early Intervention
  • Support and signposting

We believe that every young person should be provided with the skills and understanding of how to make a safe choice; the understanding of how this can be influenced by various explicit and implicit thoughts, words and actions of their own and others, as well as recognising and understanding the influence of the media.

We encourage young people:

  • To play an active role as citizens
  • To develop healthy, safer lifestyles
  • To develop life skills increasing confidence and self-esteem, inspiring them to make the most of their abilities

It is this approach that we intend to utilise to enhance our service provision by raising the awareness of the potential consequences of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) [commonly called 'legal highs'].  Whilst the effects of these substances which are manufactured to imitate the effects of more traditional substances are not always harmful, it is highly likely that there are risks with an increasing number of deaths and associated health problems being reported.

Prevention through Education is paramount to ensuring that the critically important message "legal does not mean safe” is conveyed to all those considering, and at risk of taking, substances that are completely untested and marketed ‘not for human consumption’.


To provide a dedicated service to young people, adults, professionals and organisations that promotes understanding, awareness and education of the consequences of ‘legal highs’.

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